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Harmony with Nature
Nature is the best condition where human beings can enjoy the highest quality of life. Kim Jeong Moon Aloe firmly believes that human beings can re-discover harmony through continuous study of nature and apply the study results to daily life. Civilized societies and modern people have lost their sense of nature to a great degree. Against this background, Kim Jeong Moon Aloe has put its management focus on rediscovering peoples harmony with nature, thereby enabling them to lead happier and more pleasant lives.

Respect for Human Beings
Human beings are a limitless source of business activity and in many ways their happiness becomes the ultimate goal at the same time. Business activities can generate results, only when each employee carries out their given roles to the best of their ability. From a management's point of view, the highest priority should be put on formulating a good working environment where employees can exercise their creativity and realize their full potential. All corporate activities should lead to customer satisfaction and happiness. Furthermore, profits should be reinvested to create higher value to customers and to help employees realize their dreams.

Social Contribution
An enterprise should not take any action which might harm society. This is a passive corporate responsibility. In addition, an enterprise should play an active role in increasing the public good of a society. With this in mind, our management has continued to check the impact of our corporate activities on society and the environment. We continually strive to identify and implement ways to give back wha we have achieved to society.