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Aloe usage has a long history that dates back to Queen Cleopatra who used aloe quite often and aloe research hasn't stopped since.
KJM Aloe has launched a bioscience research institute in order to concentrate its resources and efforts on aloe research.
Its cooperation with universities has generated remarkable results and the patents granted regarding important findings has boosted its asset value.
Bifidus growth factor composite
The production of aloe vera gel liquid
The extraction of high aloe molecular substances, which facilitate alcohol metabolism
The tissue culture method for aloe proliferation
The production of brain activator soft capsules
The producing aloe yogurt
The production of Anthraquinone by using suspension culture of Aloe Saponaria
The quantification of aloe active ingredients
The production of aloe beverage
Composite containing aloe extract for oral administration
Composite containing anti-hypertensive aloe Acetylmanan
The production of aloe dices
Composite containing aloe and propolis extracts for oral administration
Bifidus growth factor composite
A study on the structure and action of aloe substances, enhancing and inhibiting alcohol metabolism
Prof. Guk-Hyeon Shin of Seoul National University
A study on producing useful compound by culturing aloe cells Prof. Gyu-Hyun Cho of Kangwon University
Aloe's effect on SAMP8 with impaired memory and learning Prof. Jin-Ho Choi of Pukyong University
A study on the effects of Aloe Vera on blood sugar and insulin level of Alloxan diabetic laboratory mice Dr. Hye-Seon Kim of Ehwa Womens  University
A study on aloe s effect on healing skin burns Prof. Woo-Ik Hwang of Korea University
A study on anti-tumor effects of aloe extracts Prof. Woo-Ik Hwang of Korea University
A study on anti-virus effects of aloe extracts Prof. Pyeon-Woo Lee of Korea University
Development of new anti-allergic substances by applying the continuous microwave extraction method to Aloe Arborescence Prof. Gap-Sang Lee of Wonkwang University
A study on the separation and refinement of anti-tumor substances in aloe Prof. Chang-Han Kim of Konkuk University