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      Message from the CEO
      Company History
      Company Vision
      No.1 Quality, System
      Aloe Farm
      Know-how & Results
      The future is "Qurs"
      What is Aloe
      Basic care line
         Pure aloe
         Belucie luxury
         special care
      Makeup line
      Cleansing line
      Sun care
      Personal care line
      online mall
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"Let's begin with improving the health of one person at a time in your neighborhood in order to boost the health of the general public in the end."

KJM Aloe has dreamed of true happiness.
Health and beauty are two important building blocks for a better life.
Seeing human beings full of life is a source of joy to KJM Aloe.

We will never be tired of developing, producing, and distributing products,
which contain sincerity.
What we sell is not products but health and beauty.

Human beings can become perfect when they are unified in harmony with nature.
To us, sending the vigor of nature to all people around the world is a calling from god.

We wish good health and beauty for all people across the world.