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      Company History
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      No.1 Quality, System
      Aloe Farm
      Know-how & Results
      The future is "Qurs"
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The Gimje Plant is producing dietary supplements and
special nutrients in stringent accordance with quality control systems. One Step Closer to Nature it is the motto of the company in the quality area. KJM Aloes tireless pursuit of quality made it possible to win the first ISO 9001 certification in the dietary supplements industry. It is a well-known fact that the Gimje Plant is equipped with an international standard production system, and its quality control practices are very rigorous. Each process must be verified by quality control. Under the KJM Aloes quality control systems, even finished goods go through quality tests carried out by a government authorized quality inspection organization. In total, 10 tests are carried out in five quality control stages. Products can be marketed to customers only when they pass these rigorous quality tests. The breeding bed for quality as the No. 1 value of KJM Aloe. The Gimje Plant is a shining example showing the company's faithful observation of its core values.

Logistics is the second quality revolution.This statement clearly indicates the importance of logistics. The KJM logistics center in Cheonan is the place where all products produced either domestically or overseas, and cosmetics of Purun Cosmetics, a sister company, are gathered for prompt nationwide delivery. The cutting-edge logistics automation systems of the Cheonan Logistics Center enables product delivery to retail agencies scattered across the nation within 2 days. This supply system is a big advantage, and distinguishes KJM Aloe from its competitors.