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 “Gorgeously Shining Skin Renaissance”

BELLE (Beauty) + LUCIE (Light) embodies shining beauty.

The Belucie line for women, a premium anti-aging brand, is highly effective in enhancing antioxidizing effects/skin flexibility and regeneration.

Features of Belucie Age Care Line:

The age care line, made using only Kim Jeong Moon Aloe’s unique aloe extracts, is enriched with twice (450:1) as much aloe as existing products, which is beyond the realm of simple aloe powder or extracts. It contains peptide, EGF ingredients, adenosine/albutin for anti-aging skin care. In particular, iris ingredients (patented anti-aging substance) and fullerenes featuring reinforced absorption smoothen out wrinkles like Botox.
Skin Balancing Toner Skin Balancing Emulsion Intensive Aqua Serum Intensive Aqua Cream
Intensive Rich Serum Intensive Rich Cream Age Recovery Serum Age Recovery Cream 
Age Recovery
Eye Cream
Soft Touch Peeling Gel Natural Face
BB Cream 
 Skin Balancing 3pcs Set
Aloe Booster Belucie Age Control Emulsion  Belucie Aqua Control Skin Belucie Homme
Skin Care set
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