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   Cure Plus Cream
* Concept of product :
-. During season change from winter to spring, the skin requires moisture retention to help in maintaining the level of skin’s moisture. Therefore, the moisture layer plays an important role as it helps maintain the original NMF of the skin.
-. Also, it is crucial to protect the skin by sterilization and bacteriostasis of microorganism that causes skin infection. It is likewise crucial to prevent skin aging caused by skin oxidation and infection.
-. Skin can be protected through skin moisturizing, wound remedy, and skin pacification. Skin infection can be prevented by the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects of the product, thus effectively preventing skin trouble, skin dryness, and skin aging.

* Merits of Cure Plus Cream :

-. With the synergistic effect of the sterilizing function of ‘Compound SNC 3.5’ components and aloetin, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects for skin are significantly improved.
-. ‘Compound SNC 3.5’ components prevent skin oxidation as well as skin aging by blocking the loss of collagen.
-. It protects the skin by creating a powerful moisturizing layer that shields the dry and damaged skin against external stimuli.
-. It is a product especially made to cope with season change, and it is designed as a household item.
-. It is the first Korean product that harnesses the potential of aloe. The healthful effects of aloe can definitely make a positive impact in your life. (History of about 20 years)
-. The powerful sterilizing effect of aloetin makes it helpful for minor inflammations. -. With its pain-relieving and skin-pacifying effects, it soothes down the soreness caused by abrasion, laceration or insect bite.
-. It displays moisturizing effect on minor atopic dermatitis or skin eczema, such as diaper rash. (However, the intervention of a medical professional is required for serious atopic dermatitis, sensitive skin, or skin with acne.)
-. Because it is of a solid-type, there are no problems of leaking. It is very easy to use.
-. The contained peppermint component cools and refreshes the area with pain or eczema.
-. Vitamin E and squalene oil components, which are supplied to the dry and cracked outer skin, penetrate deep into the skin so as to maintain a moisturized and healthy skin.
-. When applied onto the cracked skin of the heel or inflammatory area, it gently protects the skin while maintaining the skin’s moisture.

-. Characteristics of product: The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects have been made more powerful through “Compound SNC 3.5” components.
-. “Compound SNC 3.5” realized by Anti-Triple System indicates the composite of Nano-Silver that displays excellent antibacterial effect and Betel nut components that produce outstanding anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.

* . Usage
-. Frequently use for rough skin. (Protect your skin during the season change by building a powerful moisture layer onto the skin, especially for those areas with housewife`s eczema, diaper rash, cracked skin, etc.)

* . Target
1) Skin frequently contacted with water or detergent (Housewife`s eczema)
2) Diaper rash due to minor contact dermatitis among infants
3) The cracked and rough area of the heels or elbows due to extremely dry skin or thickened keratin.
4) Skin with minor burn, abrasion, insect bite, etc.
5) An area to be treated for eczema or minor inflammation.

* . Patent application related to Cure Plus Cream (Opened to public)
-. Patent application: The 2009-7428th (Jan. 30, 2009), Composite of Antibacterial Cosmetics